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Frequently Asked Questions:


What are your sessions like?

A: Depending on the time you book, I'll give you a thorough deep tissue massage, followed by an erotic massage, and finished with a slow, teasing hand release. All my massages are topless.
Q: Do you allow touching?
A: Yes, you can touch me basically anywhere, except between my legs and my nipples, because they are extremely ticklish. Feel free to touch my breast, though.
Q: Do you ever take your panties off? I am a visual guy.
A: Yes, you can bribe me into taking them off by giving me a tip, but only if don't mind a natural bush and no touching.
Q: How do you make sure you and your customers are safe?
A: I don't provide full service or BJ's. I take a shower after every customer; I scrub my hands with a nailbrush and use desinfectant hand soap; I use latex gloves for prostate and a condome on the dildo.
Q: How do you want me to prepare for prostate massage?
A: First of all: prostate massage is in 90% of the cases a completely clean job, so stop worrying:) Taking a shower will be enough. You are welcome to take one on arrival.
Just in case you use the bathroom after your last shower, please make use of the wet wipes on the bathroom counter (using toilet paper is not enough)
Q: I enjoy prostate massage very much. Am I gay?
A: I would say, if you were gay, you'd know it. If you get excited by women only, you can stop worrying
Q: Do you expect tips?
A: No, I don't. Tips or no tips, you will get the same good service. But I find myself going out of my way to please guys who give me a little extra:)
Q: What do you use?
A: For massaging your body I use an odorless, non-sticky body lotion, for your private parts, mineral oil.
Q: Are there any rules I should follow?

Please, help me keep my incall discreet by following a few rules:

Please, pay attention to the instructions on the phone.
Walk straight up to my door without lingering or looking around you.
No need to knock, I will see you coming. Remember that the less visitors my neighbours see and hear, the better, and keep the conversation quiet and non-revealing, especially by the entrance door.
While in the building, act naturally, like you are visiting a friend.

Can I text you?
I prefer phone conversation to texts, but regular/repeat clients can text me.
I do not reply to "Hi, what's up?" kind of texts and I never discuss details via text. I need to hear your voice in order to know that you are a polite adult male.
Can you text me your address?
Sorry, I do not text or email my address for security reasons. You will have to call me in order to get it.