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Anita on the North Shore

I have been watching the back and forth of the posts on Anita on the North Shore, that I decided yesterday to take the plunge and give her a try.

Contact was easy to make. PM'ed her from here and then a short phone call to verify the address. She seems to prefer no appointments, but to call when you are "in need" of the massage.

Area has reasonable amount of parking and in a nice neighbourhood, so relatively discreet. Once she buzzed me in, she met me at the door and if you are interested in a mature woman, there is no disappointment. I would guess in her 40s, nice accent, and lovely breasts...really nice nipples, and skimpy panties and a relatively trim figure.

The room was very relaxing, music, massage on the bed, lot more contact that way. My hour session started with a deep massage on my neck, back, bum, legs. Felt very relaxing. Then slowly she moved to the more erotic part, while still lying on my front. Felt like a girl friend, who was trying to play with the boys, trying to get you interested in some fun.

After a while flipped me over and started on my front, chest, legs and the boys She used special oils on mr. happy and took her time, no hurrying. And when the big event did happen, she told me to stay put and relax, while she towled me off. A shower was offered but I was in no way capable of standing right away, so she towelled me off.

Touching was allowed, YMMV so go easy and let things just happen.

She has advertisment here on PERB so I wont bore you with the details. All I can offer is, that for me, an older guy, who wants a mature woman, it certainly rang my bell.

esoterica I saw Anita a couple of weeks ago. I am a TERB-ite and was visiting from Ontario. I was going to review earlier but got caught up in travels and work.

If you are a young guy looking for a spinner or FS - forget it. If you are a mature man looking for a relaxing massage with a pleasant friendly lady who has a nice touch with her hands, with nice entertaining conversation and a smile at the end, I would recommend you see Anita.

I don't review in gory lurid detail. I was happy and I would repeat.
stw I have seen Anita several years ago. The massage was excellent, and I would recommend it to everyone who needs relaxing yet erotic touch. As she clearly states, no FS etc, which is fine, as long as you know in advance what to expect. For those of you in demand of FS, there are plenty of other ladies around. As for massage, she can compete with the best ladies out there and easily beat most of them.

Anita's Massage - Great Time

For me, the most important part of a sensual visit with an SP that it be, a relaxed, unhurried, comfortable, tactile experience, something which gently builds toward a delicious climax. Anita's Massage fit the bill perfectly.

Very warm and real. Right from the start. She only does HJ's combined with the massage of course. But that's just fine with me because her HJ's are to die for! God , here it is a day later, and I'm still thinking about it. Again not rushed, and obviously paying attention to physical cues because I did not have to direct her.

I'm quite particular about my HJ's, because if it's not done just right, physically I just shut down. Once that happens it's pretty much game over. So usually, it takes two or three visits to an SP to reach the sweet spot, when they are just dealing with HJ's.

Well, Anita got on the first try and what a climax it was.

Thank you so much Anita, for taking the time to make the visit so pleasurable. I'll be back that's for sure!



Still shaking

I was always hesitant about seeing an SP or going to an MP for services because of my shyness (having a slight disablility). As a longtime lurker here on PERB, I thought it was about time to try something.

Along comes Anita...a mature warm lady who offers a sensual massage and HJ. Perfect, I thought! I don't require anything else...I just needed someone to relax me and finish me off with a bang . And what a bang it was! I've never had a massage before but all I can say that 'WOW', Anita's techniques were amazing. I'm still shaking from her incredible HJ; I never thought I can explode like that. After, that night, I slept like a baby...I've never been able to have a good night's sleep for a quite a while before my visit with Anita. The downside was I didn't have enough energy to try her prostate massage; that will definitly be on my list next time I visit her.

Thanks, Anita, for that unrushed comfortable experience you provided me. I can't wait for the next time!


Thumbs upAnita of North Shore

I really needed a massage the other morning as I woke up with a sore back and shoulders (work really gets to me sometimes).

Being a frequent lurker here on Perb, I've been reading Anita of North Shore's ads/reviews and have been wanting to go for the longest time ... I figured it was a good day to try!

I called her, got directions and was on my way. Even though I wasn't too familiar with the North Shore area, I found her place to be fairly easy to find. I arrived in a very safe and clean neighborhood, and there was plenty of parking around.

I got buzzed in and was greeted by a very pleasant, and sexy/curvaceous lady =) Her place was very clean and comfortable, and as I entered, I already felt very at ease with that "at home" kind of feeling. I've definitely come to the right place to relax and unwind.

I had already taken a shower, but I thought I'd first freshen up a little anyways in the bathroom. The bathroom was spotless and had plenty of clean towels if I should choose to take a shower before the session. Good sign as I would hate to have been grossed out by a filthy bathroom before the session even started. Thumbs up =)

I stepped into the bedroom afterwards, and Anita was already waiting for me in nude (with panties on), and oh my god, let me tell you her boobs and sexy curves got me sprung immediately! I stripped down and laid on my stomach while she started on my back and shoulders ... ahhh, heaven ... this lady really knows what she's doing with her hands. It was firm but not too firm... just enough pressure to relieve all my stress areas. She continued to work magic on my back areas including my butt and teasing of the boys =)

After a relaxing back massage, it was time to flip over and play with Anita's beautiful boobs... a very sexy handful indeed. I continued massaging her beautiful c-cups while she worked wonders on my rod. Her handjob skills are timed to perfection as she slowly brought me to climax. I couldn't have done a better job myself =) It ended up with a nice explosion and was definitely one of the best explosions I've had in a long time. She cleaned me up, and I had the option of showering afterwards.

Overall the 1 hour cost me 1 brown and was well worth it in my opinion. I left rejuvenated with no memory of my aches and pains and was ready to work again.

She was all smiles, friendly, and very pleasant to talk to, and I would definitely repeat soon!


Phil_Vancouver Last week I was on the North Shore for some personal business and had set up an appointment with Anita. I was tense and needed a massage and was interested in everything she had to offer. Anita is a mature lady and is honest about that right up front so I was not expecting a 20 year old playboy playmate, however I was also not expecting a lady as attractive as Anita is, bonus there.

Anita started to massage my neck, back and shoulders and she was actually giving me a good, deep tissue massage, something I really needed. The massage got me loose and she allowed me to call the play, if I wanted more massage before the prostate she would accommodate that and she did. I felt very loose by the time we got to the prosptate that I was able to accomplish a few things there. I got an excellent deep tissue massage and I had release during my prostate massage.

This lady gives a great massage and is very accommodating. She does not offer full service and she does not offer oral, however she will get all the kinks out of your body and give you an incredible release as well.

Thank you Anita
ikiteiru69 Had my first session with Anita yesterday - one word to sum it all up - WOW!

Anita was very warm and welcoming - she welcomed me and instantly I felt very comfortable and open with her.
As I never had a prostrate massage before, she explained it to me while giving me a massage - she was gentle and very caring.
Anita made the whole experience very pleasant and I cannot wait to go back for more.

Thank you Anita for bringing a new experience to my life.